The Ultimate Planner For Real Estate Agents To Help You Stay Motivated...and Have Purpose Every Day.

Ready to get clarity, set goals and have purpose every single day? My brand new Planned With Purpose™ daily planner for Realtors, will simplify your schedule and allow you to plan and track the actions you’re taking, so that you can start getting the results you deserve.

Loaded With Features To Keep You Organized & Focused

More Great Features...


Ready to start & use whenever you are, so that you never waste pages again!

8.5 x 11"

Large enough to provide loads of space for writing everything you need, in one place.


FREE access to my Planned With Purpose™ workshop, where I share my secret goal-setting system and productivity plan.

Custom Stickers

Two pages of stickers to add creative visuals to your monthly planning at a glance.


Elastic bookmark so that you never lose your place again and can easily start where you last finished.

Durable Hardcover

Durable hardcover with reinforced corners to protect your planner from wear and tear.

* Please note that there are enough daily pages for planning your weekdays. The planner would get too thick to include full pages for 365 days.