Learn How To Craft
Buyer & Seller Presentations
That Connect & Convert

…so that you can start  turning more leads, into loyal clients.

The only workshop of it’s kind, that will help you confidently compete against more experienced agents, knock potential lead’s socks off and convert more buyers & sellers, into loyal clients.

Before I Tell You About This Game-Changing 5-Day Workshop, Let’s Talk About Who It’s Really For….

If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. I’m going to tell you exactly how this workshop will give you the tools, inspiration, confidence and unparalleled support, on your journey to creating presentations that connect & convert.

Even though the reasons to have a great presentation are a complete no-brainer, the path to creating one, is anything but.



(and how to guarantee yours won't!)


Most agents know that a Buyer & Listing presentation is an important tool in their marketing arsenal…but they underestimate how much it matters and show up with a sub-par presentation that tells potential clients, they don’t put much effort into their work.


Do you know how many agents use a Listing Presentation provided by their brokerage and a CMA from MLS? Too many! Think about what message that sends, when you show up with the same materials as someone else? Your presentation is a golden opportunity to differentiate yourself…never be same, same.


So many newer agents and those without a lot of experience, lose to veteran agents, because they don’t know how to clearly articulate their value, what they bring to the table and why the client should hire them.


One of the little-known secrets to connecting and converting potential clients, is to “FUD” them, by challenging their beliefs and introducing fear, uncertainty and doubt around choosing someone else. Most agents miss using this critical opportunity to convert.

By the end of this workshop,

You will have:


Presentations That Convert™
Join me for the Beta Launch of this program at a discount.
$ 197 One-Time Payment
  • 5-Day Workshop: Nov 2 - Nov 6th
  • Daily Live Coaching Calls at 1pm EST
  • Lifetime access to all materials, videos & recordings
  • Money Back Guarantee

You need to connect... if you want to convert.

Meet your teacher...

My name is Jen Percival and I’m the gal who’s going to help you transform your real estate business, so that you can start getting the results you deserve.

I’ve spent the last 12 years in real estate, where I made multi-millions as a top 1% Realtor…without ever using any old-school tactics.

I owned a real estate Brokerage for 5 years, I’m the host of the Women Rocking Real Estate Podcast, I’m a Certified NeuroCoach™ ….oh and I’m also the mother of 4 kids.

Yes, you can do it all.

Here's What You Get Inside...

Since Presentations That Connect & Convert™ is an implementation program, you WILL be getting your hands dirty with some tech. Not only do I make it dead simple, but I take nothing for granted and really go step-by-step, to make sure you’re creating and executing your presentations with confidence.


We’ll Define Your Value

Have you worried that you don’t know what to say about yourself, to set you apart from your competition? We’ll build all of your content for you bio, your “About Me” booklet and of course, your presentations.


We’ll Build Your Buyer Presentation

Not only will we build you a brand new Buyer presentation, but you’ll learn how to connect with buyers in a way that will turn them into loyal clients for life…and by the way it’s completely different than how you connect with sellers!


We’ll Build Your Listing Presentation

We’re also going to completely overhaul your Listing Presentation and teach you how to confidently compete with more experienced agents…even when you don’t feel like you know how to!


We’ll Create Your Marketing Materials

The first step to connecting with potential leads, is to WOW them with your marketing materials. How you market yourself, is a direct reflection of how you’ll market their home.


We’ll Automate Everything

From a Home Evaluation intake form on your website, to embedding a copy of your Listing Presentation on a private landing page, we’ll automate everything before and after your meeting with potential new clients.

Workshop Bonuses...

What Past Students Have Had To Say....

Full disclosure, this is a brand new program of mine, so I don’t have any testimonials. But here’s what some past students have had to say about my other programs!

“Jen's ONLINE MARKETING MADE SIMPLE course was the best decision I made in 2019 for me and my business. Jennifer is so attentive, knowledgeable and fun! Anyone thinking about it ...JUST DO IT you’ll be glad you did!!!”
Mandy Gold
“Jen's Online Marketing course is AMAZING! This course is A MUST if you possess the motivation and drive to build your real estate business and stand WAY out in the crowd. It will change everything.”
Jessica D’Arrigo
"I am relatively new to real estate and have taken a number of courses but I have to say that this course was the best investment by far. I have learned tons in a very short period of time. Thanks for all the help!”
Sylvia Smith
“I have just completed the online marketing course and it is packed full of so much information. The amount of knowledge I have received from this course is career changing. Amazing coach."
Michelle Dean

F A Qs

The workshop runs for 5 days and begins on Monday November 2nd. It’s kinda like a 5-day Challenge to give your presentations a complete makeover!

The workshop is hosted online on a training portal. Each day new topics will be covered and new materials released. I will be available LIVE every day at 1pm EST to answer questions.

Absolutely! Work your way through each lesson at your own pace. All of the Live Q&A’s are recorded and available for replay anytime.


You have lifetime access to all workshop training videos and materials.

You do not require a website for the presentations, however there are additional materials provided to increase your conversion rates, that do require a website or landing page.

Absolutely not. The lessons are taught in a way that is easy to follow along and can be paused, rewound and played again if you don’t understand. However you do have to be willing to stretch your mindset about your abilities! There will be times that you’ll get frustrated and discouraged. That’s natural and to be expected….you just need to push through. Everything is figureoutable!

Absolutely, this course will give you a great foundation and will set your lead conversion up properly from day one.

Please send me an email and I will be sure to answer your questions promptly.


If you do the work and you’re not satisfied, I’ll gladly issue a full refund within 7 days of enrolling.

Presentations That Convert™
Join me for the Beta Launch of this program at a discount.
$ 197 One-Time Payment
  • 5-Day Workshop: Nov 2 - Nov 6th
  • Daily Live Coaching Calls at 1pm EST
  • Lifetime access to all materials, videos & recordings
  • Money Back Guarantee